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Fast response and friendly service

When you need mobile x-rays, EKG’s or Holter monitor testing, you want accessible first-rate service, fast response and friendly, experienced personnel to do the job. You want to be able to call someone who can get to you quickly-someone who will personally work with you to help you fill your particular needs - Someone like Tri-State Mobile X-Ray.

Services Available:

Digital Radiography
X-ray’s (all views)
EKG with Rhythm Strip
Holter Monitor
Event Monitor
Spiro meter
Accredited Administrator Seminars
CEU Credit Classes
In-Service Classes
Medical Video Library
Patient Entertainment
Pet Therapy
CPR Certification Classes
Same Day Services and Reports
X-Rays & EKG
Digital Images (CD's) Free of Charge

National Association
of Portable X-Ray Providers
Chamber of Commerce (BBWCC)
State-Approved/ Fully Insured
JCAHO Accredited Radiologists